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Speed Reducers, Power Transmissions, and Gear Boxes

Speed Reducer Cut-away

A speed reducer can be defined as a gearbox used to reduce the speed of mechanical energy while increasing the torque. Speed reducers are components of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic motors. It is easier to think of them as a group of gears put together in a manner to increase the torque of an engine than to reduce speed.

Speed reducers are often referred to as power transmissions or gear boxes. They have many uses in industry and one of Bynum Industrial's specialties is rebuilding and re-servicing many types and brands of speed reducers for our customers. We back all of our rebuilt speed reducers with a 90 day warranty.

You can check our inventory of surplus new and rebuilt speed reducers here on our website, but if you don't see what you need, please call or email us and we can probably help get the unit or parts you want.

Search Our Inventory of Speed Reducers Below:

Brand Condition
  Brand Condition Model ## Style HP Input Output
2. Baldor New GF0515AH RIGHT ANGLE
3. Baldor New GF0526CG RIGHT ANGLE
4. Baldor New GF1013AG RIGHT ANGLE
5. Baldor New GF1018AG RIGHT ANGLE
6. Baldor New GF1024BG RIGHT ANGLE
7. Baldor New GF2032BG RIGHT ANGLE
8. Baldor New GF4018AG RIGHT ANGLE
9. Baldor New GF5013AG RIGHT ANGLE
10. Baldor New GF5013AG RIGHT ANGLE
11. Baldor New GF5026BG RIGHT ANGLE
12. Baldor New GF6032BG RIGHT ANGLE
13. Baldor New GFO515AG RIGHT ANGLE
14. Baldor New GHF3013AH RIGHT ANGLE
15. Baldor New GSF1030CA RIGHT ANGLE
16. Baldor New GSF2530BA RIGHT ANGLE
17. Baldor New GSF3030BA RIGHT ANGLE
18. Boston New 247DPH24 INLINE
19. Boston New 738-10-G RIGHT ANGLE
20. Boston New BKF724B60K85G3 RIGHT ANGLE
21. Boston New FB738F36SB9 INLINE
22. Boston New RF75220B11J RIGHT ANGLE
23. Browning New 15HB1-SH10 RIGHT ANGLE
24. Browning New 15HB1-SN10 RIGHT ANGLE
25. Browning New 206Q56LR15 RIGHT ANGLE
26. Cone New MHU30B109-W2 RIGHT ANGLE
27. Cone New RU100L-1 RIGHT ANGLE
28. Cone New RU70-2 RIGHT ANGLE
29. Dodge New TDT625 SHAFT MOUNT
30. Dodge New TXT605TV SHAFT MOUNT
31. Dodge New TXT715 SHAFT MOUNT
32. Dorris New 3HL-10723-1 SHAFT MOUNT
33. Falk New 07UCBN2A2.88 INLINE
34. Falk New 102-5EZ2-06A9 INLINE
35. Falk New 1040FC2A INLINE
36. Falk New 1040FCB3A RIGHT ANGLE
37. Falk New 1090FZ2A INLINE
38. Falk New 1120FC2A RIGHT ANGLE
39. Falk New 1425WB1A RIGHT ANGLE
40. Falk New 1525WU1A RIGHT ANGLE
41. Falk New 15C2-02A INLINE
42. Falk New 202-1050FZ2A INLINE
43. Falk New 2040FC2A INLINE
44. Falk New 2060YB2-LB RIGHT ANGLE
45. Falk New 2080Y1-LD PARALLEL
46. Falk New 2EZ206C1 INLINE
47. Falk New 305A2-AS PARALLEL
48. Falk New 3DTC4-B RIGHT ANGLE
49. Falk New 52-3EZ2-0683 INLINE
50. Falk New RK1020FC2A INLINE
51. Falk New RK1030FC2A INLINE
52. Falk New RK2040FC2A INLINE
53. Falk New RK2050FC2A INLINE
54. Grove New 252-3 RIGHT ANGLE
55. Grove New B-1233-2 RIGHT ANGLE
56. Grove New BM1238-2 RIGHT ANGLE
57. Grove New BMQ1100-1 RIGHT ANGLE
58. Grove New BMQ220-2 RIGHT ANGLE
59. Grove New TMQ1154-2 RIGHT ANGLE
60. Grove New TMQ1262-2 RIGHT ANGLE
61. Grove New TMQ1262-60-2 RIGHT ANGLE
62. Grove New TMQ218-2 RIGHT ANGLE
63. Grove New TMQ220-2 RIGHT ANGLE
64. Grove New TMQ230-2 RIGHT ANGLE
65. Hub city New 264 RIGHT ANGLE
66. Leeson New NH8260075.00 RIGHT ANGLE
67. Leeson New W8260098.00 RIGHT ANGLE
68. Leeson New W8260135.OO RIGHT ANGLE
69. Leeson New W8320089.00 RIGHT ANGLE
70. Leeson New W8320090.00 RIGHT ANGLE
71. Leeson New W8320163.00 (BMQ832-20-0-140) RIGHT ANGLE
72. Morse New 516Q18OL40 RIGHT ANGLE
73. Renold New U4 RIGHT ANGLE
74. SM Cyclo New 2502SB3SILS132 RIGHT ANGLE
75. SM Cyclo New CNHX5-6065Y-15 INLINE
76. SM Cyclo New CWHJ614HY-6 INLINE
77. SM Cyclo New PX6045R3 Y RL50 RIGHT ANGLE
78. Sterling New 2325BC060142 RIGHT ANGLE
79. Sterling New 6GROOSO60 RIGHT ANGLE
80. Sterling New TMQ1133 RIGHT ANGLE
81. Winsmith New 175MWT RIGHT ANGLE
82. Winsmith New 4MCT RIGHT ANGLE